About ComPartners

The financial markets are getting any simpler or easier to understand. In fact, it is not in Wall Street's interest to make it so, just like the big tax software guys do not want a simpler tax code.

Put simply, there is money to be made in the land of confusion.

So where can a average investor with a full time job and a family go for advice? Where can the individual investor get unbiased, easy to understand advice to help them stand up to the big guys.

ComPartners aims to be that exact place. We are a disruptive, crowded sourced repository of financial advice. With the technology we all have access to now a days there is no reason anything, except maybe rocket science or calculus, should be so damn complicated.

Who are we?

ComPartners is a team of financial and social media experts who, using their combined powers and knowledge, are looking to change the financial market as we know it and join you in reaping the rewards.

They say the best things are created in teams, not by individuals. We at ComPartners believe you can manage your finances by yourself. You do not need a high priced, Armani suit wearing broker or financial adviser. We are trying to empower investors around the world to take charge of their money and help them realize just how well they can do and easy investing can be once you draw back the curtain.

Now that isn't to say you have to be totally alone in this. We understand. It can be scary out there. Where is the market going? What is the government sticking their fingers in now?

What do we do?

ComPartners brings the collective wisdom straight to wherever you are and when you need it the most. Desktop. Mobile. At lunch. On the train. In the middle of the night. Whenever your fear and panic hits and the money worries creep in, ComPartners will be there for you. And so will our community and the collective advice of thousands upon of thousands investors.

A conflict and disagreement of viewpoints from new investors, sages who have been through multiple market cycles, perma-bears, highly optimistic bulls, and everyone in between, all in one place and filtered by our experts to help you make sense of the crazy world of investing in the stock market.

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Award 2014

2014 InitiativeX Award

ComPartners won the InitiativeX award for being among the top promising start-ups.

Award 2015

2015 Finance Prix Award

ComPartners won the Finance Prix award for creativity.